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Title: Duty of care? My arse!
Post by: Vermilion on May 06, 2019, 05:41:22 PM
The NHS are supposed to abide by the duty of care, ensuring the well-being and safety of the patients. If I need physical treatment this has always applied but mental health care? The duty of care does not apply here.
The treatment that I get for asthma and diabetes is great, even treatment for a self inflicted wound is good but I've been extremely let down by MH services and it's wrong.

Why does the duty of care not apply to mental health? That's also life threatening and they do not ensure our safety and well-being. I've even noticed a huge difference in the level of care in a medical ward Vs psych ward.

It's appalling. I'm writing this because I want others to see how angry I am with services and I needed to vent a bit. Not that anything will change
Title: Re: Duty of care? My arse!
Post by: sniper on May 06, 2019, 06:34:23 PM

I 2nd that. Everything youíve said and even more on top.
Itís disgusting. Itís dangerous for us (if we suddenly have a miracle happen, where we want to actually live).

Iíve not been able to get through to anyone about whatís going on. Whatís actually going on, not what they think is going on!!

At least I have got to a point where they wonít put me in a unit cos they know itís bad for me.

Itís evident that they give up on some patients. I feel like Iím one of them that they have given up on. From the sounds of it, you feel like that too.

Iím sorry that this is happening to you. I donít have it exactly the same way, but itís happening to me too. Donít feel alone in this.

Title: Re: Duty of care? My arse!
Post by: Tucan on May 06, 2019, 07:17:57 PM
Rant away.
Title: Re: Duty of care? My arse!
Post by: purplebutterfly on May 06, 2019, 10:01:28 PM
With you all on this. MH services have left it all to my GP who is doing her best, but admits herself that she doesnít have the knowledge to give me the care I need. Have had to go private for therapy - am lucky enough to have been able to get financial help - but even the therapist is concerned about what I will do if I have a crisis in between appointments.
Title: Re: Duty of care? My arse!
Post by: Vermilion on May 08, 2019, 01:06:28 PM

(Sorry, I can't delete that last post, I messed it up!)

It's really crap that the majority of MH patients experience this.

It's really unfair when the so called professionals who are supposed
to help us only make us feel worse. It makes me angry because we're told to
ask for help and then we're told that of we are capable of asking for
help then we must be OK but if we don't ask for help they say 'well, why didn't
you come to us sooner?'.

The thing is that MH is also life threatening, even if there's no suicidal intent
people can die from accidentally cutting too deeply, or from severe infections in
a b**n or people with eating disorders who die from complications. I could go on.

It's putting extra strain on other services; GPs, A&E, b**n units etc and it's
putting strain on society because people won't accept that MH issues are real
and that's why so many of us struggle to find work.
It's just crap and it p**ess me off because I've tried so hard and I get nowhere.
It's embarrassing when you tell them really personal things and then they don't
bother to try and help. I struggle to trust people and it's a huge thing for me
to open up about things but I just get turned away.
Knowing that services don't give a shot and can't/won't help just adds to the feelings
of utter hopelessness because there is no treatment and no real hope of getting better.

I hate that others are going through this, it's so wrong. ☹️

(Apologies if this post looks weird, the text box doesn't work very well on my phone)
Title: Re: Duty of care? My arse!
Post by: happy girl on June 21, 2019, 02:26:05 AM
I canít deny Iíve had excellent service from the nhs when in crisis . Iíve been admitted even when I fought it .

Are you being honest with the professionals and letting them know how bad you feel? X
Title: Re: Duty of care? My arse!
Post by: so sad on July 19, 2019, 11:40:56 AM
I totally agree - its so hit and miss (more miss than anything) and its really not acceptable or safe.

Its all so much the luck of the draw as to who you get allocated as well and that really p***es me off. I've had some awful Care co-coordinators and CPNs who are clearly in the wrong job. Even when you get a good one, the system is so crap that they can't always do what is best for you because of resources.

I also feel hopeless in a system that is failing and I wish we had more hope (realistic) but that won't happen.

I'm so sorry that you're feeling like this over a system that could/should be better

huge hugs

Title: Re: Duty of care? My arse!
Post by: Hysteria on September 16, 2019, 09:46:45 PM
Hello  I have not been on this site for absolutly yonks  but AM Struggling at the moment  . I saw this thread   and you are so right ,

In the last year my fabulous GP has referred me twice to CMHT  and both times they shut it down because I happen to have a key worker at MIND  who is also fabulous  & once in awhile when my social anxiety is okay  I go to a drop in   mainly the Art drop in , My GP  is so frustrated  as he can only do so much   & I   feel so embarrassed having to ask my GP for help I literally have stopped asking and just ' wing it ' and hope  the episode is over quickly ,  Thankfully MIND are starting to put key workers in GP surgery's in my area so things may start changing for the better