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Not been around for a while, mostly things are ok these days. But I have my Covid Vaccination at 9.15...I was fine until tonight but I'm now panicking quite a bit. I've never been to the place before, it's a community centre and I won't know the person who is doing it. I can write things down but I often can't speak in situations that scare me.  I'm fine with the vaccine, the delivery of it etc... But I'm really worried about actually being there. My arms are not in a good state even though it's coming up to 5 years since I last did anything. I've never got to a point where I have felt comfortable with people seeing seeing. All I have in my head is a big open room with lots of stations set up and someone just lifting my sleeve up.

Try not to dwell on it - the stations are still quite private and it's a quick process. Nobody is there to look at your arms, and your arm will only be briefly visible to the vaccinator. It'll be over before you know it.

In my experience medical staff don't usually remark on my scars if I'm getting a vaccination, they may ask if you need help with MH but if you say no they don't quibble. I imagine that the the vaccine will be given by a nurse? If so they'll be used to it. It'll probably be like the flu vaccination clinics that I've been to previously so it will be done in a cubicle.

What might help is writing a note to the staff to explain your concerns and what you need which is a lot easier than saying it, as you know. Do you have a 'patient passport' or similar? Otherwise just a brief explanation will suffice, I always ask for someone to escort me to the room because I can't follow directions and I ask if there's somewhere quiet where I can wait. Honestly, they will be used to this sort of thing.

I'd be freaking out if I was in a situation like that too. If it helps, when I've been to walk in clinics in the past the staff have always helped me, I guess that they assist people with all sorts of difficulties.  :hug2: :hug1:

I think the two things freaking me out are that it is a quickly set up situation to meet the demand for essential workers so it is literally a random community center rather than a clinic/GP surgery so I don't know how they will have set up - I assume there will be a level of screening but probably not much.


I'd normally take someone with me, but I can't at the moment. My partner can't walk and there is no one else appropriate even if I was allowed under covid restrictions. She has agreed to help me to write a note card to give them because I go non-verbal too easily in these situations. I do have a hospital passport from the NAS website, but it's too long for a situation like this.

Would you feel comfortable telling them that you have scars beforehand? You could just write something like I have scars from past SH and I am concerned about privacy and if you are worried about others overhearing you could also just ask them not to mention it. Chances are they aren't going to say anything but you may feel a bit better if you've already said something?

Otherwise I'm not sure what to suggest. Some situations are crap aren't they?  :hug1: :hug2:


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