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Why EDs are not good. *May Trigger*

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Ok, so here is a thread to highlight all the negatives of an Ed, to help us question why we let this evilness control us.  It doesn't have to be major life threatening stuff, often a collection of the smaller things add up to so much more.

I'll start.
I hate that I cannot now enjoy a bath, because I can't 'slide down' the bath to wash my hair as it hurts my back bone and I can't lie on my back as my bones are the only thing that touc the bottom and even sitting is not that comfortable.

Sitting for any length of time on a hard chair is painful.

I can't just go to a resteraunt witha friend and chose what I want becuase of taste alone.

There is not enough time in the day to think of normal non food related stuff, because the food stuff takes up all the time.

Good idea for a thread

It makes me very self absorbed, and most likely a bit of a bore.

It affects my mood and energy, so to the people I love most in the world I am a grumpy harrigan of a mother with no energy to play. Enter the guilt even more.

It made me miss 15 months of family life as an inpatient and countless other days where I just haven't physically been able to participate.

I don't suffer from ED  but just wanted to give hugs and say that I think this is a good thread. X

+1 to what split said, I think this is a really good thred x


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