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things to remind yourself *may trig*

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thanks for sharing.
hope I can start believing them.
take care hun xxx

fantatsic post, thanks hun x

shall keep referring to this.  it's helped me feel better just reading it.  thanks.   *cat*

thank you for posting them just reading them helps me  :hug1:

oh gosh, i dont want people to see these things but i need to say them so ill put a  :trig:
what if the pain lasts for ever what if i dont matter what if it will never get any better? what if better is just as bad?? i feel horrid whatever.
i know the post is realy positive but sh**. im sorry i need to ask this, you probably deserve that, a good life but i am not going to get it i dont deserve it obviously. why dont i? what have i done?
im sorry i need to askj you. i dont get it!


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