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things to remind yourself *may trig*

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Thanks for the list. Going to save them and read them. Many are helpful and have been suggested by counsellors in the past. Helps to be reminded, even if we don't always believe them at first. Thanks.

thanks for posting that. was good to read

thanks. just wish I could believe even 1 of those things.  Only thing is that on the one about hating yourself and others...can you change the mating to hating...I'm assuming you don't mean "mating others" (although it did make me smile reading that)

Miss Gail:
Thank You just readign that made me feel better all those things hit home thank you for making that Post :) You've made em feel special for once xx

utter nutter:
That was realy good, printed off and up on notice board, if I read it enough I may one day believe it.



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