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Post covid socialising (Grumble)


 :ranting11: :ranting11:

So, as everyone here knows, I've been in DBT for a while and part of this is to 'build a life worth living and for me this meant connecting with others more, I.e socialising. I'm trying,  I really am but there's nothing in my area due to this covid crap STILL messing things up! I've tried looking for fitness/sports classes, martial arts, volunteering and even arts and crafts which im utterly crap at! I've downloaded apps such as meetup and the like. There is jackshit in my area! I've emailed several places, I've tried their websites, some I've just walked in and asked (which is extremely difficult for me to do) and there is nothing even remotely social that doesn't involve alcohol. Loads  of places have closed due to covid and those that aren't are still offering only one on one training which I can do by myself anyway by running (when able) and cross training. The whole purpose is to make connections and friends, people who are share an interest with me so one on one training isn't going to help that. Why is covid such a big issue still, we don't even have to wear masks anymore (other than in hospitals) so there's no need for social distance like there was.  :banghead:

Also, I haven't had much chance to practice any of the interpersonal skills that I have learned/am currently learning because nothing is up and running around here still!  :hissyfit:
I'm going to ask my CC if she knows of anything, my DBT therapist is off and I don't know if I have another one or not (which I'm speaking to CC about on Friday) but this is b***** ridiculous! I admit that I'm restricted due to medical issues and lack of transport but there's nothing even within an hours walk that I'm able to do.
I don't think that there's any solution but I nonetheless needed to rant and maybe someone understands my frustration? I'm just trying to make some real life friends. :(

Do you live near any parkruns? https://www.parkrun.org.uk

You can walk, run or volunteer or a combination of.

I've been going for 6 years. It's very social and people aren't glued to their phones and actually talk to each other. I highly recommend, it's a got a huge community feel, fun and welcoming. All body types and ages.

Thank you! :) I do live close to the local park run but it's clashing with something else at the moment. I'm hoping to attend in a few weeks time when things have settled down. The is for the info, I had no idea about park runs! :)


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