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Survivor Room / Re: Progress.
« Last post by Tucan on April 10, 2021, 09:27:37 AM »

Happy to hear that there is improvement for you. I wish
Sh you well with your endeavours. You are doing so well. I hope you are proud of how far you have come.
Survivor Room / Re: Progress.
« Last post by Terri on April 10, 2021, 12:05:49 AM »

Thank you for all of the lovely responses.

I just wanted to say hi and update you a little bit. Had a blip a little while ago, but things are much improved now. :)

University is definitely going ahead. I had my DSA assessment a few weeks ago.and I'm being provided with some equipment, software and a mentor for an hour a week during term time. Student finance has been agreed to cover tuition and maintenance and work are changing my hours to accommodate the days I have lectures (8 years later and they are still being incredible.)

I'm finally getting to meet the boy I've been talking to at the end of the month. He lives in Wales, so we haven't been able to see each other in person, though we video chat regularly and message daily.

Weight loss and staying active is going well. I've been going to some outdoor classes since the end of March and it's been so nice to exercise in a group again. The gym opens on Monday and I'm booked in for some personal training starting in a couple of weeks.

I've got two modules of DBT left before I'll have completed my two rounds. I'll then be doing some work with my SCM practitioner as well as some trauma work if I feel I want to/it would be helpful. DBT is blooming difficult, more difficult than anything I've ever done. It's becoming clearer how worth it it is though, even if I still sometimes really fight against it. I'm scared I don't know enough and that I'll not be able to keep up with skills, but I know I have to try my absolute hardest if I'm going to live the life I'd like to.

I still have my wonderful friends, my family and my cat. I still have my beautiful flat with a bench in the sunny courtyard. I still have hope that things can get better and that perhaps I can actually do this.
Hi everyone,

I am updating this post as recruitment for the study has now closed.

Thank you to everyone who has viewed this post and to anyone who has taken part in the research.
Your time and attention have been most appreciated.

Hello! My name is Joyce Leung, and I am a freelance journalist who is working with my colleague, Sebastian Skov Anderson on a story about UK self-harmers are being discriminated against or being treated differently at A&E. We are looking to speak to people over 16 years old who might have experienced this. I can't open a post here because I am not with an organisation.

We've spoken to several self-harmers in the past, all of whom had similar experiences. We've also spoken to a professor for this article.

Please dm me or comment down below if you are interested in having an interview with us! Thank you. Unfortunately, to maintain journalism integrity, we only grant anonymity to people who might face life risk if they go public.

Thank you!
Survivor Room / Re: Progress.
« Last post by so sad on March 23, 2021, 11:16:42 AM »
Hi Terri

What a brilliant post to come across  :yahoo:

You really have made a tonne of progress - very proud of you.  You are living proof that things can change and for the better. DBT is incredibly hard so well done with sticking at it and making it work for you.

Congratulations on the weight loss. That is also a really tough thing to battle with but clearly you are winning. It does make a bug difference to how we feel and the exercise is a great thing to be doing and enjoying.

I have to admit to being envious of you going to Uni (maybe I should use DBT to manage that  :XD:) - I wish I had your strength and courage.

Please keep us informed - I always look out for your posts.

Survivor Room / Re: Progress.
« Last post by Tigger on March 22, 2021, 09:18:15 AM »
Terri this sounds so great. I have  come backwards and forwards to this forum for years, so have followed you along the way.  I'm really pleased you are doing so well and glad you have shared as it gives hope to everybody struggling. Keep yp the good work  :emot-thumbsup11:
Survivor Room / Re: Medical procedures/examinations with past trauma *SA*
« Last post by Vermilion on March 13, 2021, 01:13:57 PM »
So this sh** is just part of being a woman. Gosh, that makes me feel heaps better /s. I've tried to ask for professional help but everywhere is restricted because of the Covid. Maybe I am being stupid after all, even professionals can't help.

Archived research topics / Re: Any thoughts or perspectives on thesis wording please
« Last post by Lorien on March 12, 2021, 01:19:19 AM »
I'm doing a Social Work Degree and we have an experts by experience module each year. Throughout the first year one both the experts and students felt a bit weird about it. It does seem to be the new in phrase, but it is odd. We discussed that it might be because of the disparity in title to that lived experience. Often people are not treated as the experts in their own lives and are instead told by 'experts' what their experiences are. Many of the people we met felt that the discomfort around 'service user' and in some more cringey services 'customers' belonged to the professional not the individual.

Personally in a health setting I'd prefer patient because that is universal and holds little negative connotation. Re professionals I prefer that or practitioners depending on situation. To call them experts also has some questions. While many will have a high level of broad knowledge, very few are 'experts' it kind of waters down its meaning eg Simon Barron-Cohen is a recognised expert in Autism, but most Psychiatrists know very little about it and often misdiagnose as something else. If you consider power dynamics in this context, to label a person as an expert exaggerates the imbalance and potentially adds to difficulties in challenging opinions.

The other two seem fine although due to its use by services repeated self harm while accurate might feel a bit loaded. I couldn't think of a word that wouldn't be though, so maybe this is more related to poor service delivery than linguistics.
Survivor Room / Medical procedures/examinations with past trauma *SA*
« Last post by Vermilion on March 08, 2021, 08:44:22 PM »
So I'm not going to say much about my experiences here because I have a different thread for that. I'm just wondering if anyone has any good techniques for coping with these types of things. I find it difficult to tell the doctor because a, they often don't listen and b, a large part of the problem for me is some bad experiences with doctors in the past including when I was a child so I find it really difficult to trust doctors especially if it's one I haven't seen before.

So does anyone have any thoughts/experiences/perspectives etc? I've been working on 'coping skills' in DBT as well as grounding techniques and I've got Diazepam that I can take if I need to but I'm wondering what else people find helpful.
Personally I would prefer the term service user rather than 'Experts by Lived Experience'. The word 'expert' implies a level of knowledge that is much higher than what I have and I imagine that the average person (i.e non professional) would interpret it this way.I also think that the term service user would be very apt if that's what you're specifically writing about.
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