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I'm so happy to hear that Terri. You are doing so well, especially after you have been so poorly. I hope that things continue to go well for you. You have put in so much hard work into it.

Terri this sounds so great. I have  come backwards and forwards to this forum for years, so have followed you along the way.  I'm really pleased you are doing so well and glad you have shared as it gives hope to everybody struggling. Keep yp the good work  :emot-thumbsup11:

so sad:
Hi Terri

What a brilliant post to come across  :yahoo:

You really have made a tonne of progress - very proud of you.  You are living proof that things can change and for the better. DBT is incredibly hard so well done with sticking at it and making it work for you.

Congratulations on the weight loss. That is also a really tough thing to battle with but clearly you are winning. It does make a bug difference to how we feel and the exercise is a great thing to be doing and enjoying.

I have to admit to being envious of you going to Uni (maybe I should use DBT to manage that  :XD:) - I wish I had your strength and courage.

Please keep us informed - I always look out for your posts.



Thank you for all of the lovely responses.

I just wanted to say hi and update you a little bit. Had a blip a little while ago, but things are much improved now. :)

University is definitely going ahead. I had my DSA assessment a few weeks ago.and I'm being provided with some equipment, software and a mentor for an hour a week during term time. Student finance has been agreed to cover tuition and maintenance and work are changing my hours to accommodate the days I have lectures (8 years later and they are still being incredible.)

I'm finally getting to meet the boy I've been talking to at the end of the month. He lives in Wales, so we haven't been able to see each other in person, though we video chat regularly and message daily.

Weight loss and staying active is going well. I've been going to some outdoor classes since the end of March and it's been so nice to exercise in a group again. The gym opens on Monday and I'm booked in for some personal training starting in a couple of weeks.

I've got two modules of DBT left before I'll have completed my two rounds. I'll then be doing some work with my SCM practitioner as well as some trauma work if I feel I want to/it would be helpful. DBT is blooming difficult, more difficult than anything I've ever done. It's becoming clearer how worth it it is though, even if I still sometimes really fight against it. I'm scared I don't know enough and that I'll not be able to keep up with skills, but I know I have to try my absolute hardest if I'm going to live the life I'd like to.

I still have my wonderful friends, my family and my cat. I still have my beautiful flat with a bench in the sunny courtyard. I still have hope that things can get better and that perhaps I can actually do this.


Happy to hear that there is improvement for you. I wish
Sh you well with your endeavours. You are doing so well. I hope you are proud of how far you have come.


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