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Books that you have found to help

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i definately second jess's reccomendation of :
The trick is to keep breathing - janice galloway
the bell jar - sylvia plath
prozac nation - elizabeth qurtzel (though she can be a little annoying sometimes!!)

also really reccomend b**** rules by elizabeth wurtzel

Just looked in my bookcase!

'Cutting' by Steven Levenkron; - this is my favourite
'Red Tears' by Joanna Kenrick;
'A note on Madness' by Tabitha suzuma; - novel about bipolar if I remember correctly but interesting read
'Sickened' by Julie Gregory;
'Don't ever Tell' by Kathy O'Beirne;
'Cut' by Patricia McCormick;
'Secret Scars' by V.J. Turner;
'In Search of Adam' by Caroline Smailes;
'Growing up a Drunk Girl' by Koren Zailckas; - very good book about a girl who is an alcoholic
'The Little Prisoner' by Jane Elliot;
'Skin Game' by Caroline Kettlewell


check out this huge list

Not necessarily from a sh point of view.
But Torey Hayden's books i've found to help. i don't really know why but they show stuff that goes on in our lives from a professional point of view and they also, to me, show that out there there are some professionals that do care. It's not just a job to her she really does love her kids etc.
It kinda makes me have a small amount of hope.

have to agree with thsi one

'A Bright Red Scream' by Marilee Strong: A research piece which includes real life accounts/experiences of people who SH.

Louise L Hay helped me massively here "you can heal your life" was the best book for recover.

I read bright read scream recently as i began to understand more what i used to do and why


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