Author Topic: Helping Understand Student Self-Harm and the role of supporters - Questionnaire  (Read 6305 times)

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Have you supported someone through self-harm? Or have you had thoughts of/have actively self-harmed? The HUSSH study wants to hear about your experience.

We are pleased to invite you to take part in some research being carried out by the University of Westminster. The aim of this study is to explore people’s experiences of self-harm during their time at University (UK only), and what support might be helpful for those who have experienced self-harm, either directly or indirectly. We hope our that findings will provide a greater understanding of self-harm during university, as well as help to provide support to those who may be supporting someone who is carrying out self-harm. As part of the research we would like to hear from people with a range of experiences including those who have had thoughts of self-harm whilst at university, but not acted on them, those who have or are currently supporting someone through self-harm, and those who are actively self-harming or have previously self-harmed. If you are interested in taking part please use the following link

Thank you

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Be patient and tough; some day this pain will be useful to you.