Author Topic: You can get through this {could trigger}  (Read 4388 times)

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You can get through this {could trigger}
« on: August 11, 2017, 08:29:02 PM »
Hello, I haven't posted in a while as I have been getting over my depression. I haven't been diagnosed with depression however, I cannot put another word in its place. The word sad is not as strong as the emotions I felt and that many others are or have felt/feeling.
Now enough about me, I want to talk to you, the person who is nice enough to take their time and read something a random person that had depression has put online and for that I am so grateful :mademyday:. Now, I want to tell you, if you are feeling constantly worthless, sad, lonely, rejected, hurt, confused, isolated or however, you interpret it; you are not alone.
I know lots of people have said in lots of different forums or chats you may have had with a therapist or councillor or whoever, the reason we all keep saying this is because its true. I may not know you and might never know you but, you have taken your precious time to read this and in my eyes I can tell you aren't worthless, you aren't a waste of space. You are beautiful, you are unique, you are amazing, you is you. I and loads of other people across the world have or are going through this, don't be scared to be alone because there is always a light you just can't see because all the sadness has blinded your vision; it has placed contact lenses in you eyes so, you can only see the sadness and hatred but, we are your guide, we are here to take the lenses out and place glasses on instead until your eyes are healed and cleansed from the contact lenses. Some of us may be only online but, I'm sure there is a guide right in front of you, slowly taking the lenses out. Yes, it stings and yes, it feels empty but, wounds heal, your sight will heal and we will help you heal.

I hope you understand now, how precious you are, if I didn't think you were worth it I wouldn't have done this for you. Just please, remember, if you feel alone come talk to us. If this has effected you in anyway please, please, please tell me.

-birdonawire1234  :hug2: I am here for you, Keep smiling. <3  :hug1: :backflip: :)

Also, before I go, if you want share your experience with sadness or depression or anything you're feeling and I will read them and reply. Say how you feel, express yourself