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Meds change MT*od/ed/sui
« on: February 14, 2012, 03:05:20 PM »
Currently my antidepressent is Fluoxetine, set at a dose to aid with binge prevention as well as depression.  I have been on this a fair while now, thoug had a period recently that I stopped taking all meds completely.  To be honest, I am not really sure if they are helping as am still getting sui/od type thoughts and acting upon them.
My other big issue at the moment is sleep, which doesn't help my mood as I am struggling to get off, waking frequently and getting hideous nightmares which have peaked this week with my husband waking me from fitful sleeps and screaming to the point I am waking the whole house.  The nightmares have no pattern, complete mixture of past events, total randomness and current anxieties mixed up with random conversations/daily TV watching (not necessarily horror type stuff).  Am currently on Melatonin for sleep and have been for quite a while.

Saw the inpatient consultant today as still under Crisis, along with crisis, my cc and my husband.
It was decidied to put me on beta blockers for my anxiety, which is good as I really need something and they are not the usual sedative route of diazepam/lorazepam that have taken before.  This is also bad, because they also cause sleep disturbance and nightmares (1:10).
They also want me to reduce the melatonin in view of it being stoppped for Agomaletin (an Ad with melatonin in it) to have alongside the fluoxetine.  There are no real side effects that worry me about this medication.
Other worries are, how are they going to tell what is causing the nightmares (meds or otherwise) if I am stopping one, yet starting another that both could cause this?  Also, I found mysle getting quite excited about the opportunitues for od/sui with the beta blockers.  Not so good.