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wanting job back
« on: November 18, 2011, 06:36:18 PM »
I want the job i stupidly quit back,

I only lasted an embarassingly short period of time before being weak and giving in. I was working in a school as a lunchtime supervisor. I'd been volunteering and then filling in and getting paid and then they offered me a permanent role.

I have since gone back to volunteering and also filling in - i filled in today. The school though has advertised for other people to be fill - ins as the head told me they can't have just one person on the list to fill in. I fear that that will mean i'll have more rivals for a permanent job if one comes up.

I now really regret quitting, i would really like a second chance but i don't know if they'll trust me again after quitting so quick the first time. I'm so fustrated with myself :banghead:

Everyone was so pleased and nice when i got the job, the teachers i'd volunteered with and everything. I really want a second chance.