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Medical procedures/examinations with past trauma *SA*


So I'm not going to say much about my experiences here because I have a different thread for that. I'm just wondering if anyone has any good techniques for coping with these types of things. I find it difficult to tell the doctor because a, they often don't listen and b, a large part of the problem for me is some bad experiences with doctors in the past including when I was a child so I find it really difficult to trust doctors especially if it's one I haven't seen before.

So does anyone have any thoughts/experiences/perspectives etc? I've been working on 'coping skills' in DBT as well as grounding techniques and I've got Diazepam that I can take if I need to but I'm wondering what else people find helpful.

So this sh** is just part of being a woman. Gosh, that makes me feel heaps better /s. I've tried to ask for professional help but everywhere is restricted because of the Covid. Maybe I am being stupid after all, even professionals can't help.



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