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Title: A&E +ve for once!
Post by: Lorien on March 09, 2013, 12:03:51 PM
Although it wasnt good to have needed to go

I was totally amazed that each person in a&E this morning was brilliant about the fact that it was my fault. The triage nurse was really cool and chatted in a way that I didn't feel so awkward (not needing lots of responces) the doctor didnt go down the long pointless route of making me wait to talk to someone who'd just tell me to go home anyway. He took my word that I am ok now and that I can call the psych on Monday if it changes.

The nurse that stitched it was training someone...they actually bothered to ask if it was ok and showed them on the first 1/2 then let them do the other 1/2 but supervised really well. The student was nervous but good.

In and out in 2hrs!

I know that it shouldn't be shocking but it is. I know how to make complaints (nit that ive ever dared) but does anyone know if there is a way to say thank you?
Title: Re: A&E +ve for once!
Post by: Jeep on March 09, 2013, 12:21:30 PM
I'm sorry that you required the services of A&E, but glad that it was a positive experience.

If you wanted to say thank you, then writing a letter to the chief executive of the hospital trust, explaining your experience, would be a great way. Then the managers will be aware of positive patient experience and this will be fed back to the relevant clinicians. If you can recall the names of the doctors/nurses then include them in your letter.

It is always nice as a clinician to receive positive feedback. And it will encourage the clinicians to continue this level of positive practice.

I hope this helps and that your injury is healing well.
Title: Re: A&E +ve for once!
Post by: TheChosenZen on March 09, 2013, 08:06:34 PM
I'm glad you went to A&E due to your self harm, that's a very brave thing to do! - How did you feel about taking the step and dragging yourself over the Accident and Emergency? :3

It's difficult to say thank you to specific nurses, but you can say thank you through a website they make, they often have a specific E-mail or Feedback page, often complaints are feedback, so similar I would assume, are you in the UK? NHS? Maybe?
Title: Re: A&E +ve for once!
Post by: Lorien on March 09, 2013, 08:14:06 PM
Got a bit of a dilemma now.

Ive been doing alright at not cutting often, but then lost it last night...I mean like far more than I would usually do. Also lost about 2hrs of time between deciding to and then having finished and being in bed. It really freaks me out.

I dont know if id be better off not building it up and doing smaller more often. Ive never had so many stitches before and if id have been 'there' I wouldnt have dont so much. Walking is v painfull atm and its doesnt feel like I did it.

I hate going to any hospitals but Ireally didnt have much choice with the size of it and where it is. I knew it would make work a real problem. It helped to draw the dimensions on paper...makes it clearer that itbis a problem.

Only thing is...I think that the therapist would be annoyed about deciding to cut more often.