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Tips on manic episodes
« on: October 21, 2014, 01:06:00 PM »
I posted about this in my thread in H&N but I wanted to know if anyone has any tips for when you're feeling manic.

My boss had to tell me to slow down several times in a catch up today, she kept saying things like "I don't know if you're aware but you're talking very quickly and you look anxious" "Slow down Sian" "You're talking too fast, I can't keep up".

I've had episodes like this in the past and quite a few recently, but the worrying thing for me is that it affects me completely. It affects my memory, in the past I've gotten on the wrong bus even though I know my way around the city I live in really well having lived in almost every area, I forget where my house is or where I'm going, I fabricate conversations or text people weird things, I talk nonsense and don't make any sense then I wake up in the morning not knowing what's happened or what I've said to people.

Right now it feels like my body is full of adrenaline. I feel alert and sharp. I've tried things like breathing and listening to meditation type music but it doesn't work. I have some Lorazepam which I might take a low dose of later once I've finished work, but my question is, how do you people manage mania? Does anyone else have episodes like this? It's the most frightening thing when you wake up with blank spots in your memory and it scares me.

Any advice would be great x
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