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things to remind yourself *may trig*

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i was given a copy of this book from my social worker and it has boxes throughout with phrases to remind yourself so thought i would put them here as they may help people if they repeat certain ones to themselves:

* If i feel like self harming it's because there is something wrong which deserves attention.

* It's okay to be confused. It's all right to not know why. I can take my time to gradually understand myself more.

*My feelings, whatever they are, are real and important.

* the things which have hurt me in my life are real and important, even if they dont show.

* my feelings are valid and justified. They deserve to be recognised.

*sometimes i may need a break from the pain; to postpone my feelings until i have someone to help me with them.

*If i let myself really have my feelings and get support for them, they will pass. The pain won't go on forever.

*i have the right to take control in my own life.

* i can take back control in small ways (and big!).

*I have the right to be angry and protest.

*Anger is natural and healthy. i'm not bad for being angry.

* I have the right to protest about being treated badly.

* i can let out my anger for my own relief and satisfaction.

*i am not bad, dirty or horrible, i have been made to feel like that by things that have happened. But it's not true.

* I dont have to keep believing horrble things about myself. I can chuck them out, and start seeing the good in me.

* Sometimes i hate myself instead of hating someone else. I can turn my anger back onto those who deserve it.

*It's okay to feel needy. Everyone does it sometimes (even if they dont admitt it). I dont deserve to be punished for it.

* It can be very painful to let yourself feel your needs. I can take it slowly and be kind to myself.

* i can have some comfort. i can take care of myself and ask others for some of what i need.

*i dont have to invent a seld - it's already there just waiting to be discoevered.

* i can take my time about discovering myself, starting with really small things.

* There are many aspects to me, and they are all valid parts of the whole me. It's okay to be me.

*it's horrible to feel panicky or unreal, but nothing terrible is going to happen.

* the feelings will pass if i take care of myself.

*It's okay to want help from someone else, too.

*i am worth caring about and doing nice things for

* i am a worthwhile person with lots to offer

* i matter and my life matters.

*It's okay to need support. everyone does.

* If i get the support i need, i will be able to support myself too. It will help me cope.

*i might have to reach out for more support, but i can do that a tiny bit at a time.


Still Scarred:
those are mostly quite good...some i don't agree with but such a lovely post. thanks hun

Fantastic post  ::D:

Magentta, this is a really nice post, thanks for putting it up

*ickle thinks it deserves a sticky*


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