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The Card Sort Task for Self-harm: Understanding self-harm

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On behalf of the self-harm research group within the University of Nottingham, supervised by Professor Ellen Townsend, who heads the Self-Harm Research Group here. We would like to ask you to participate in anonymous, innovative, online research.

Our study is an electronic version of the Card Sort Task for Self-harm (CaTS; Townsend et al., 2016) in which you are asked to arrange thoughts, feelings, events and behaviours in a sequential order along a 6-month timeline. Completion of the study will involve conducting the card sort along the timeline twice; for the first and most recent self-harm episode. We request that you are 18 years old or above and have lived experience of self-harm to take part.

Our focus is to understand the thoughts, feelings, events and behaviours leading up to a self-harm episode and thereafter. This study is based upon previous research using the same task in which we wish to further our understanding of self-harm that allows us to reach out to a wider participant population. Participants that have already completed the study have reported having a greater insight into their own self-harm behaviour, which they have found beneficial, as a result of the CaTS.

We would appreciate it if you would support us by completing this study to further help us understand self-harming behaviour.
The link is:


Kind regards,
Imogen Thynne, Hannah Street, Avithaa Thayaparan, Sarah Cleaver, Alissa Burrows and Rachael Cornwell  :sign0203:



Please don't forget to participate if you can! 


We would really, really appreciate your participation  :backflip:

I've not seen a project set up like this. I really liked the format.  It was actually interesting to see how different things can be over time.

Thank you so much for your feedback Lorien. This research has been done before face-to-face but never online, and we are getting some really great results so far.

We have had so may participants already for this study so far and i'm certain the results are looking very interesting! Although we still need a few more participants. Can anyone help us?  :happy020:



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