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Setting up a helpline - can you help?


Hi there

I don't want to intrude of post anything without permission but I am working for Bristol Crisis Service for Women to set up a helpline for women affected by self injury. As part of the work I am running a consultation to get views on how the helpline should work and I wondered if it would be OK to post some information about that here?

Please ask as many questions as you like about the project/consultation.

All the best

Bristol Crisis Service for Women
www.selfinjurysupport.or g.uk

Now that I've received a message from Rob I'll post some more information about the consultation we are doing - if you would like to give your views they would be very welcome :)

My name is Naomi and I am running a consultation about setting up a UK Wide helpline for women and girls affected by self injury.

We would like to get as many views as possible and have set up a survey here:


The Crisis Service for Women has been funded to re-establish a national helpline for women who are affected by self injury and self harm.

Although we have run a service like this before we want to take some time to think about the best way to run this service and would really welcome your views.

We are especially interested in the views of women of any age who might use such a service, but we are also interested in the views of people who support women who use self harm or self injury. We include in this definition ANYONE who identifies as a women regardless of biology.

The survey is confidential and information you provide for will only be used to support the set up and running of the helpline and any personal details will not be shared with any other organisations.

We are very happy to send copies of this survey out by email or post, or to discuss your views in another way such as by instant messaging or on the phone if you would prefer. My contact details are at the bottom of this page.

Please feel free to pass on this survey link to anyone you think might be interested.

Please keep yourself as safe as possible when filling in this survey and take breaks if you need to. If you would like to look for support in relation to self harm/self injury we have a list of resources - local and national - on our website:


With very best wishes




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