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Research questionnaire: Alcohol and Self harm.

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I am a Health & Social Care student and recovered self harmer conducting a research project on the relationship between alcohol and self-harm.
As a recovered self-harmer I am particularly interested in understanding the factors that impact upon this habit and ultimately, as a Health Care Professional, I aim to use my experience and insight to help promote a more tolerant understanding of self-harm.

Please find the questionnaire here http://www.kj-ford.co.uk/ WARNING: The questionnaire will ask you simple questions about your relationship with alcohol, which some participants may find distressing or triggering.

I request participants of any age, that may or may not drink alcohol but do self-harm in ANY way (however infrequent incidences may be). Those in remission are also welcome to complete the questionnaire.

All data will remain anonymous, confidential and will be used for research purposes only. Results of the project will be shared by email to those participants that submit their email addresses and on the website between the 1st and 30th July 2012. ALL submitted email addresses will be deleted when the results have been released.

Thank you for your time  :)
Any questions; PM me.

K.J.Ford (Dove)

All done ;D

Thanks muchly! :)



done  ;D


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