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Survivor Room / Re: Telling an employer about self-harm?
« Last post by sk1n1m1n on November 01, 2020, 10:06:26 AM »
Only tell them what they need to know but keep it vague.
Survivor Room / Re: Old member new profile name
« Last post by sk1n1m1n on November 01, 2020, 10:04:14 AM »
Hey nice to welcome you aboard.
Survivor Room / Re: Diagnosis process
« Last post by Turtle on October 22, 2020, 08:15:27 PM »
Thanks both :hug2: It all feels a bit redundant at the moment because my new GP is offering no support - but it's interesting hearing different insights about how people are diagnosed. It's all just tiring isn't it?

I ended up asking for my medical records in the end, and I did get them very quickly, but nothing much on them. It gave me my weight (significantly lighter than now - thanks Covid), patchy immunisation history and medication. I haven't actually had a psych appointment since I was 15? 16? I avoided services for ages after being discharged from CAMHS and just muddled through in my early 20s until everything was unmanageable. I think I was going to be asked to see a psych pre-Covid, but that all fell through and with current GP being unhelpful I guess I won't be asked now. So I don't think I'll be able to get any more particular insight into whether they've diagnosed me or not.

Oh Terri! I can't believe that comment about not diagnosing with EUPD because you're not difficult! Although at the same time, I can believe it because some mh professionals are... not the best. ::) The problem is it encourages people to be difficult - or 'manipulative' as people with EUPD/BPD are commonly labelled. It's all so silly. I'm glad stigma seems to be challenged more now. Thank you for all your insights and kind words and I'm so so pleased for you that you're getting the support you deserve now.

I guess different postcodes have different assessment processes and access to treatment - no great surprise but absolutely frustrating. I've moved around a *lot* over the past couple of years which has really muddled up everything - I guess means they can't do anything properly with me. My friend told me I should stay in one place for bit... But it's doubly frustrating because all the moving and chopping and changing is related to mh stuff. I get a big high, start something new, run into issues and get into a pickle. I can't settle on anything and nothing fills the big old hole inside. I really should have stayed in London - they were offering DBT when I was in a better place than I am now. I was intimidated by 18 month waiting list, but I'd have waited 10 months by now.

But I didn't and I'm not being offered support at all now and I'm too tired to fight for it right now - so it just feels redundant. But I do appreciate you both being kind and listening and offering advice - thank you :hug2:

Sorry - I'm sure I'm very muddly right now! Strange old week.
Survivor Room / Re: If there was a cure for autism...
« Last post by Lorien on October 21, 2020, 11:06:13 PM »
Interesting podcast on BBC sounds - 1800 seconds on Autism. It's kind of a comforty thing - other people do this, I'm not that weird...hey that's a cool idea etc.
Survivor Room / Re: Old member new profile name
« Last post by Terri on October 20, 2020, 08:04:38 PM »

I'm an old-timer still with the same name! :) I'm so glad that things are better for you. :hug2:
Survivor Room / Re: Diagnosis process
« Last post by Terri on October 20, 2020, 03:41:36 PM »
Late to the party, but...

Diagnoses are weird, I've decided. I've had a few over the years.
- Acute and transient psychotic disorder
- Depression
- Schiophrenia
- Schioaffective disorder

They've settled on EUPD for the moment. I was once told that it wasn't diagnosed previously becasue I'm a 'lovely person who is not difficult' and professionals were trying to be kind by not labelling me with something that some perceive as a really negative diagnosis. I mean, what? Talk about massive amounts of stigma within the mental health profession towards a diagnosis that is often (though not always) a result of trauma.

I think Lorien is right that it's got a bit of a bad rep with MH professionals because we are not easily treatable and therefore challenge their skills. It is not as simple as popping a pill or having a bit of cbt. It requires intense, long-term therapy and professionals that will both validate you and call you out when your behaviours are unhelpful - in such a way that is genuine and from a place of concern rather than judgement.

I am super fortunate to live in an area that has a specialist service for those who eperience emotional intensity and associated issues. It took MH services 12 years of faffing about, drugging me up and detaining me before I happened to get a cpn who specialised in PDs. She worked with me for a while, figured out what was actually going on and now I'm on the right track. I had a 2 hour PD assessment to get diagnosed. Getting this diagnosis has changed my life for the better, thanks to the area of the country that I live in and the therapy available here. It's a bit of a postcode lottery though and I really feel for those who aren't in a location that offers specialist input. It must be a nightmare.

Things are changing. The stigma is still very real, but it is being challenged and even professionals are learning (albeit slowly.) I really hope you get some decent support soon. You deserve to be heard and to get access to treatment that will make your life feel more like you want to live it. Happy to answer any questions you have if you think that would be helpful. :hug2:
Survivor Room / Re: Old member new profile name
« Last post by Lorien on October 18, 2020, 05:29:48 PM »
 :welcomeani1: (back)

Also an old-timer under a new name. I'm really glad things are better for you. It sounds like you are doing really well despite things still being difficult sometimes.
Survivor Room / Old member new profile name
« Last post by Vickiunicorns on October 17, 2020, 07:55:13 PM »
I used to be a very active member on this site  in crisis a lot. A few hospital admissions (emergency room)
Fast forward to now. Im training to be an occupational therapist at university. Have 3 children am engaged. I still struggle but I've managed to not self harm for 3 years now and its been 10 years since I was a regular self harmer. I also struggle with eating problems. This year I almost ended up on an eating disorder ward.
I wanted to share my story that even though my mental health problems remain I now live a life full of love, peace, sometimes angst and upset. But things can get better. This was a sanctuary for me at one point and I hope to support people as I was once supported
Survivor Room / Re: possibly getting diagnosed
« Last post by Tucan on October 16, 2020, 06:16:44 PM »
That is great news. I hope the medication helps you and you feel better soon enough.
Survivor Room / Re: possibly getting diagnosed
« Last post by bluebell.x on October 16, 2020, 04:20:14 PM »
I just got the results and my thyroids are fine but turns out I have a severe deficiency in vitamin D which the number 1 symptom is depression so I'm being put on medication and I'm going to get a couple SAD lamps. I feel so relieved, the doctor said that in 6 weeks my vitamin D levels will be the highest they've ever been so I should feel the happiest I've been in years. It makes me feel a lot more valid now that I've finally got the right diagnosis and I'm just so glad that things are going to get better.   :yahoo:
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