Author Topic: Does how we relate to ourselves and others impact our urges to self-harm?(16-25)  (Read 5031 times)

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Hello  :welcomeani1:

My name is Bethan and I am completing research as part of my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. My topic and interest are around reasons why we experience urges to self-harm. My thesis has received ethical approval from Lancaster University Faculty of Health and Medicine Research Ethics Committee.

Thoughts and urges to self-harm are increasingly common. We are interested in finding out what causes people to experience these thoughts to help better our understanding of this and help professionals and services better support those who experience this.

You can take part if you are:
  • aged 16-25
  • live in the UK
  • have had thoughts of self-harm in the past 6 months (regardless of whether you have acted on these thoughts)

:sign0085:  If you are interested in taking part in an anonymous, multiple-choice online survey to help research to better understand self-harm, you can find out more here: