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Title: I Freak Myself Out The Most
Post by: onlybeescansavemenow on December 06, 2021, 09:53:00 PM
Dear You,

Lately, I have gotten into the bad habit of over-analysing and internalising every single little thing that I do and it is exHaUsTING!

> I have been watching the same 3 films all year
> I have listened to ĎBetween The Barsí by Elliott Smith 3,000 times in the past year
> Gone on a walk every chance I get, once I just walked 30 hours straight just because I CouLd
> Say the same phrases
> Tell the same stories
> Make the same jokes
> Re-Read the same books
> Do the same things
> Eat the same foods and drink the same drinks

Itís a wonder that I havenít gone crazy and I keep doing these things. They must make me feel better because I keep doing them but at the same time they just donít.

I feel like Iím going crazy and the whole world is just watching and laughing; Iím a nutcase.

Thanks for listening anyway,
Bee 🐝