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Exercise IS NOT a cure-all! (Grumble)

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I do understand why it might be recommended initially, there are certainly benefits to be had from exercising and it should be tried before things like antidepressants but I'm just fed up of the implication that it solves everything. I think that it's a useful tool to be used alongside other tools, not as the ultimate cure-all. I'll admit that I need to work on positive thinking, the 'nocebo' effect is a very real thing though I'd say that it emphasises the need for several tools to build a better MH.

I don't exercise outside that much, I'm way too self conscious and clumsy but info get outside for some daylight. I know that it's really important to get some daylight.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that exercise can be great alongside other treatments and it would be helpful if people just acknowledged that it doesn't work that well for everyone.

I'm yet to experience that post exercise 'high' that people go on about, in fact I don't feel any different after exercise other than sweaty and maybe a bit tired. What a load of crap.

Most people don't experience that 'high' - I certainly never did and I used to exercise to the point of needing wiping up off the floor after it was over   ::) However, you should feel good knowing that you've exercised because it will have done you good - doesn't need to be excessive though, and preferably something that you're taking some enjoyment from

Now why don't I anticipate feeling that when I take His Lordship for a walk at midnight..  ::)


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