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Easnt really sure where to put this so mods please move if wrong room xx
Alcohol is becoming a big issue atm n really not sure what to do, I don't drink at all during the day, but every night I'm wanting to drink just to escape how I'm feeling, when things have been really bad I was drinking every night n my mood got a lot worse because of it. I don't really want to make a big deal about it but I do prefer being drunk n my sh gets a lot worse when I am drunk. My mr keeps saying if I carry on I will turn into an alcoholic-which is a route I really don't want to go down. I didn't drink last night or the night before but before that have drank every night this week, I'm planning to have a drink tonight. I suppose one posititve is I've stopped drinking spirirts but at the same time drink seems to becoming a big part of my life. Also my cpn has said a few times I shouldn't be drinking on my meds n I wasn't when I first went on them. just wondering if anyone has any advice thanks x

Hello hun x x The definition of an alcoholic is a difficult one? I don't believe it should be based on how much someone drinks or the times of day necessarily but more the reason why and if there is a need / dependancy.
i can relate to drinking most nights as a bit of a way to escape from things and from yourself. Like you said tho you've seen in the past it doesn't help your mood and your sh tends to get worse.

Have you chatted to your cpn about it?

I don't really have any advice i'm afraid, i've only found being pregnant has made me totally go off alcohol lol.

I do find tho that if i tell myself i can't drink it makes the cravings worse so i tend to drink other things like a soft drink i enjoy or a cuppa or sometimes brushing my teeth works as then you know it wouldn't taste nice after anyway lol
any dependancy is hard to change or reduce hun as we all know on here, i guess finding a safer replacement and getting support might help? x x 

Thanks willow, I don't think its as much of a problem as mr does but I do no its getting worse I'm wanting to drink during the day I just won't as then it is a problem. I do drink to escape how I'm feeling and I like how I feel drunk but we argue a lot more when I have been drinking (as mr doesn't drink oftern it annoys him) I think I could talk to my cpn about it but part of me is scared to talk about it I suppose that's part of it tho admitting the problem. I think because I'm trying to sh less the drinking has become an alternative, I know my cpn will say I'm trying to blot stuff out n talking about how I'm feeling would be safer/better option but some stuff I just don't want to deal with, I don't know to me drinking is better than shing but to mr its just as bad n I tend to sh once drunk so can understand where he's coming from I just don't know if I want to stop but I know I need to xx

i'm in the same sort of situation as you at the moment and my family are getting increasingly concerned about it.. i talked to my CPN and it really helped.. she has said i can self refer to the CADT (cardiff alcohol and drug treatment team).. which  apparantly help all people who have a problem with alcohol not just your typical 'drunk' if that makes sense.. there might be something similar in your area that could help you..

Do you really want things to change or do you just feel pressured into changing ? xxx

Last year I was drinking every day, at all times of the day.  After speaking to my SW I self referred to ADS and was put in touch with a 12 week rolling programme that was aimed at reduction not necessarily stopping.  I went and it was really helpful, looked at why we were drinking, what we were trying to bury through drinking.

I am now an occasional drinker.


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