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cut question sh graphic sorry

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Sorry I'm not asking for medical advise but I've shd abit deeper than normal n I'm just wonderin what to do I can't go a&e I can't go anywhere tonight, but the cuts about the size of a finger wide n steris aren't holding it closed (even tho I've put 4 on) n u can see a lot of white lumpy stuff (which I've seen before just not this much) is there anything I can do other than steri myself? Sorry if not allowed wouldn't ask if had another option


It sounds like you really do need to go to A&E if the cut's that wide and you can say the tissue underneath. Is there anyone you can call to go with you? I hope you're ok. Please take care and get it looked at as soon as you can.

Tree xxx

Thanks hun, its ok I can't go tonight I can probs go miu tomorow but its stopped bleeding just didn't expect it to that wide normally they gape but this one is more like a cirle in the middle of a cut if that makes sense, have sorta steried n put a bandage on I domt think its maroly deep just wide xx

Hi brighteyes,

How's the cut today? Did you get to MIU? I hope you're ok  :hug1:

Tree xxx

Hope you managed to get it seen to - sounds like it was the fatty tissue (in which case best to get it closed, reducing the risk of infection, size of scar and all that). Hope you're ok?


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