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how to treat sh safely? mt graphic sh


Without meaning to sound stupid I don't know how to take care of my sh, I never have done but after 2 infections in last 6months I figure I need to. I tend to stop bleeding clean with water then leave I don't but dressings on/bandages or steri strip. My cpn has said she doesn't object to me shing as long as I do it safely n take care of it. I just don't know what your suppose to do if I b**n I do do anything to it n if I cut again I tend to leave alone. I use to get dressings of practice nurse but stopped as didn't feel I deserved to take care of it n now don't know where to start sorry any advice (I'm not asking for medical advise just what you do) would be appreciated thanks x

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Doesn't sound stupid at all :hug2:

There is a thread on here with basic first aid advice but I can't find it :doh:

With cuts you need to
* put direct pressure on to stop them bleeding (and raise it above heart level if neceasaey).
* Once its stopped bleeding I clean it with antiseptic spray or wipes and then
* either steri it or just cover it with a clean dressing.

I usually change the dressing every 3 days (or more often if its bleeding through/i have any concerns). It needs to be covered with a sterile dressing really to keep it clean and free from infection.

Burns are more difficult to treat at home, I think the advice is that if its a second degree b**n or worse (or if its big or on sensitive areas like the face etc)  you need to seek medical attention.

Here is the First Aid     thread

I will lock this thread now, as we don't want to go into anything that could be considered method sharing.

If you have any concerns  about your injuries, please consult a medical professional  


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