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zopiclone and zolpidem- side effects

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On top of my usual mirtazapine I have been using zopiclone and zolpidem
 via prescription as my insomnia is a dangerous joke.  Recently I've experienced extreme mood swings the day after taking either drug.  Anyone else have similar problems?

Zopiclone made me feel drugged up and physically unwell but no mood side effects

can you talk it through with your psych hun?

Don't see psych till next week but took myself off it.  Not really slept much since tuesday.  Look like a zombie extra

hidden tears:
have you been using them at the same time or separately?

I take zopiclone on top of mirtazapine and don't find it makes me really moody. Is there anything else that might be contributing to moodiness (time of the month etc...)

Hey I've been on them both seperately I found the zolpiclone stopped working for me after a few weeks, whereas the zolpedem helped a lot more I didn't find I was particularly zombied on them but was changed to tramazapam (might have spelt wrong) which helped me sleep through better but side effects are a lot worse, anyway hope it helps you :hug1: xx


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