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another infected cut question *trig sh


 :trig:I had a bad weekend and did a bigger cut than usual.  Yesterday I noticed it was very smelly (understatement) so i phoned the nurse for advice.  She asked me o come in and she'd take a look.  She had a look, cleaned it up and put on  new dressing.  She said its not infected but to come back on Wedds and she'd check it again.  The thing is, it still stinks.  The smell is oozing out of the dressing and it's gross.  Has anyone else had this with a cut that was not infected, or do you think she was wrong?

I think you should get it checked out - it doesnt sound right!! Is there a walk in centre near you so someone else can have a look at it?

There's nowhere else locally.  I'll just wait till tomorrow as instructed - if I can stand the smell that is!  I [email protected] resisted the sh urge in the first place.


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