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infected cut? mt sh

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hidden tears:
I think it's a good idea to get checked out, so Im pleased you have an appt. Its better to be on the safe side hun  :hug1:

Just got back it is infected she said I need to start taking better care of my sh n has given me some antibiotic cream n a few dressings. She said its not a bad infection just better to treat it now before it gets worse. N started telling me the risks of hep b? I just sat knodding n said I'd take better care of them

Well done for getting it seen too.

Hep B is only really an issue if tools are shared.

My practice nurse insisted I have the course of Hep b Jabs if I was to continue cutting at the level I was - I had the course in the end just to be safe (not that I share tools)


--- Quote ---Hep B is only really an issue if tools are shared.
--- End quote ---

Is there an issue with using the same tool twice? I know I read somewhere that you're better off using a fresh tool each time.

I've been told to (ideally) use a new tool each time too, I think its for general infection control more than anything though.

Im pretty sure you can only get Hep B if you share a tool with someone who has it. (I had also been advised by work to have it done as I often come into contact with childrens bodily fluids and we dont know if any of them may carry it)


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