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infected cut? mt sh

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Sorry I've had infected cuts before but different to this, one of my cuts was quite deep n had been steri striped (but I pulled them off) n since has semi healed but has gone red round sides n slightly puffed it doesn't hurt at all tho I'd really rather not get it checked out but wondering if I need to thanks

hidden tears:
We are not medical professionals hun, so it would really be better if you could get it checked out.

Redness and slight swelling can be part of the bodies reaction to injury and trying to heal itself, but they can also be indications of infection so if you are in any doubt then it would be better to get it checked out. Maybe you could try ringing nhs direct and speaking to them if you dont want to get it looked at?

Thanks I know your not trained proffesionals I just don't want to make an appt if not needed I've rang drs n they said it sounds like an infection so going appt 2mz morning. I don't overly think I need to but she said its best to get it checked

Hope it goes ok tomorrow.

Lily Kym:
Doesn't hurt to get it checked hun - always worth it  :hug2:


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