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Discussing self harm - anyone else find it difficult?

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My sister came around earlier and mentioned that someone she knows self harms and has done it in front of her. Despite the fact that this conversation quite clearly isn't about me, I found it so awkward. Does anyone else get this? I had to go and make myself a drink so that I wasn't listening in on the conversation.

Yea I find it really difficult too :hug1:

I cant bear other people talking about it and I only feel ok talking about it with my mh support or on here!

yeah, really hard :hug2:
there are so many times i want to say something as well because someone is saying something that (to me) is blatantly untrue, but can't.

I remember my boss saying he didn't understand why people self harm. It was so tempting to say something; but that was too difficult. He isn't aware that I did / do self harm.

Yes and no.
It depends, I find it exstremely difficult when it comes up in college and I don't want my class mates knowing. And half of the stuff they say is bull****!

But I can talk about it professionally, with say another youth worker, on a one to one basis/small group.

I can discuss it in counselling as that's a 'safe' environment.


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