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neurotic and friends


how do you distinguish between being paranoid/neurotic about people not liking you/laughing at you behind your back/whatever and people actually hating you? this is a problem at the moment at Uni and in my flat and I'm so ready to cut everyone out to avoid anymore hurt but i know i get neurotic about this so what if I'm wrong and i destroy all relationships? sorry if I'm not making sense - I'm pretty upset.

Hi there.

That makes complete sense to me - and I expect for a lot of other people on here too.  I don't know a straight forward answer.  If you asked that in cbt you'd be asked to write down your fears and then identify evidence for and against that perception.  You might then be asked to think of an experiment to test it out eg asking one of those people in a non intense way how they see you and feel about you. 

but cbt has always been a step too far for me to put it into practice....

I do hope you manage to find a healthy way forward.  Hugs to you.

 :hug1: :hug1:

Hey Turtle, makes complete sense to me as well, like the saying goes theres no such thing as a silly question!!! it's a thought that runs through my head quite a bit as I Work in a big office with lots of people and lots of back stabbing, wish I had an answer for you but never been able to work it out myself either, sorry.

i don't know what to do. been trying to look at it objectively and all the evidence builds up that people don't like me. so i decide it's not me being neurotic, it's the truth so i shouldn't talk to them or bother them. but then whenever i decide that, someone says something nice, so i decide i've been being neurotic and so i let people back in. but then it goes in circles and it's exhausting.
thanks for replies :hug2: i guess it's something everyone gets. it's just really tricky.


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