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wanting to volunteer

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Ask the places you're interested in. Where I am, they did advertise for staff in their shop window.

Thanks I wanted to smaritans as had used them a lot when I was younger but now thinking I want to help alcoholics or drug abuse I've googled it n where I am there are a few nearest sams is half an hour away n as I don't drive wouldn't be do able. I'm just worried I'd have to say I've been sectioned as in the past I haven't had to say mh stuff even tho I probs should have but now I'm jobless n don't really want a paid job I'd just like to give something back if that makes sense, might go jobcenter n see if they have volunteer stuff, but questioning if they'd want me as a shr mh stuff etc I don't really know x

I think that having MH issues, as long as you are stable and not likely to upest yr MH by the nature of the job will actually be seen as a benefit, as you will be coming with empathy and understanding.  The recovery support centre I attend (for BPD) actually has a base of volunteers that are all previous service users, lots of drugs therpist have been peviously addicts but have to have been clean for a certain period (I think it is 2 years).  I certainly want to investigate the volunteer route myself and have been told by the RSC that they actively encourage service users to go down this route, so having past issues really shouldn'y be a problem.  Good luck


I volunteer at a drop in centre for people who're homeless or vulnerably housed. A lot of people who use the service have MH stuff and substance abuse issues. I've been doing it on and off for about three years now, and I love it - I've met some great people and made some brilliant friends.

Only thing I will say is that it can be quite intense. Depending on what you're doing, you can hear some distressing things and have to manage some challenging behaviours. When I'm at my best I can do it no problem, but sometimes I just go to help set up the hall as I'm not up to dealing with it. You have to look after yourself and I'm lucky that the people who run the centre I work at are really understanding.

A couple of the other volunteers, including the person who runs the place, know about my MH history and admissions and they're fine with it. I was completely open on interview and they said it wasn't a problem and they've always had me back after a spell away. A lot of the other volunteers have had similar experiences or are in recovery from drugs and/or alcohol and are very accepting.

The do-it website is brilliant. Tap in your postcode and it'll tell you pretty much everything in your area.

Good luck. :hug2:

I've been looking for jobs but in my current situ may not get one so have thought of volunteering. I went onto the job centre site and clicked on volunteering not sure if it was this site or direct gov and you put in your post code and how many miles you want to look and it gives you your local organisations that want volunteers and give you details on the job and days hours available. You can volunteer and it is not supposed to affect your benefits, but I worry that if you are well enough to do voluntary work then you are well enough to work. But my counsellor from Richmond Fellowship (mental health charity) does not think this is the case. I am still don't know whether to put down on forms that I have mental problems, in fact I'm not sure whether I do or not or it would be classed as a temporary thing due to my current situation. You can be permitted to do paid work when getting benefits but I think you need to do in thru the job centre. The details are on their site. Let me know if anything comes up for you. Bernie


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