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wanting to volunteer

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Hey sorry if wrong room, I'm really wanting to start doing some volunteer work and just wondered how you get started/find some, I contacted smaritans n they got back to me but nearest centre is too far I'm wanting something local. But other than them I have no idea where to start any advice would be greatly appreciated, also with volunteer work do you have to disclose mh infomation? Thanks x

it depends on what exactly you are wanting to do... i work in a  BHF charity shop. i told them about my anxiety but not about my dissociation. they have since asked about my sh but werent bothered by it.

Google do-it, it's a site where you can find volunteer vacancies in your area.

hidden tears:
Most places have volunteer centres who can help you find volunteering. If you know what you want to do then sometimes approaching local places you like the sound of and asking if they need/would accept a volunteer.

Do you know what you want to do? 

call or email your county council honey xx


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