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appetite vs hunger

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In recent weeks as my anxiety levels have mounted to almost unmanageable levels my appetite has fallen considerably also. I still get occasional hunger and try my best to satisfy them. But the thought of most food makes me feel queasy, let alone how ill I feel when I do eat.

Going to the supermarket is a nightmare as I struggle to afford to buy food, being out makes me very anxious if I am not on my own, and I get upset because I can't find anything that I actually want to eat.

I haven't got an eating disorder. I am a big girl and I like my size. I need some food right now. But I don't wanna go to Sainsbury's as the entire experience is horrific...

 :hug1: :hug1:

I'm afraid I have no words of wisdom as I'm in the same position but wanted to let you know you're not alone in this :hug2:

Do you have a Tesco express or sainsburys local near you? I generally shop in those as they're smaller and quieter so less anxiety provoking xxx

Our normal Sainsbury's is only small. Its only 100 yards or so away I just can't face it. I spend hours looking for one little thing to eat but as nothing looks nice I get in a proper state as its embarrassing and frustrating. I gonna not go. I am fat enough that I have some stores to live off before I starve. Lol

how about internet food shopping??

I said exactly the same thing about myself earlier! However my friend practically :frying pan: me so I'm gonna do the same to you  :frying pan:  ::P:

Have you got anything at all at home, even its just something small to keep your blood sugar steady? X


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