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Anyone working in the NHS?

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Hi everyone, not been around for a while, hope you're all well.

Does anybody know who exactly the NHS 'bare below the elbow' rule applies to? I'm aware that some professionals in the NHS have to abide by this and some don't, I have some fairly major career decisions hanging on this and I'm afraid to ask anyone at uni as it would undoubtably lead to akward questions!

Thanks for reading.

Porters, doctors, nurses. I think it is any one who comes into contact with the patients that isn't purely in a receptionist role...

Yeah I had a suspicion - I reckon that if I go the in the lab monkey direction I should be ok, but it kind of closes other doors for me, which makes me a bit  :( . Maybe I'll avoid it alltogether and find a nice big lab belonging to a private company where nobody cares if I'm a nutter as long as I do my job!


I used to work for a international contract research organisation and most people are nutters that work there. And if they weren't when they started they went that way. X

hey x I work in the nhs and like split said if you are coming into contact with patients then you should be bear from the elbow down. I'm not sure if i interpreted your post right but if you're planning to work in a lab then don't they have to wear white coats which have long sleeves? The labs in our hospital have clear windows so whenever i've looked in people are always wearing white coats x
I have to be bear from the elbow down and have always found people supportive about scars etc even fresh ones tho i do tend to avoid doing it there or showing it. I have always found people supportive in general.,maybe because if you're working with patients you tend to hopefully be a caring person and if you are working in the nhs you're working because you want to do that job because you care rather than for money lol   


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