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Anyone know of any helpful sites/resources on BPD? *mentions sh and sui*

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i found the book 'borderline personality disorder demystified by Dr robert o friedel really helpful xx


--- Quote from: findingmyway on October 30, 2011, 07:01:04 PM ---Thankyou nighty :hug2:

I'm not saying those things are true hun, I have bpd too and don't see myself as any of those things (i hope no-one else sees me like that either :hide: ).

I just want a more balanced resource that will *hopefully* help me understand bpd a bit better, without unecessarily adding to my feeling of hopelessness.   

--- End quote ---

I know you wasn't trying to say that was all true honey.   :hug2: point I was trying to get across was that no 2 people with bpd are the same.  A lot of websites/leaflets etc sometimes paint a scary grim picture of those that suffer MH problems  ::)

Thankyou! Will check them all out when i have access to a computer/ at the library.

Sorry Faded_Lady, ignore me - just me being over sensitive and panicky ::) :frying pan:

 :13886:  no worries hun xx


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