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Anyone know of any helpful sites/resources on BPD? *mentions sh and sui*

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I've found the info and support available through this site quite helpful  http://www.bpdworld.org/ .

 I also found a load of stuff on the NHS website that was really good and positive about prognosis for those with BPD.  It outlined very well the treatment options that would be available to us all in an ideal world.  It's a shame their availability is a bit like entering a raffle.

The best book I've read is The Borderline Personality Disorder Survival Guide.

Hope you find what you need out there - and ignore the prejudiced rubbish you find along the way.

BPD survival guide is very good. I also found Bobby Baker's mental illness diary drawings very good and very touching.
they are now in a book

get it: you won't regret it :) Whilst I was reading it I felt almost human


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