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Anyone know of any helpful sites/resources on BPD? *mentions sh and sui*

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Hi all,

I've been trying to do some more research on BPD (I have a bit of an obsessive need to understand it better).

All the sites I've found online so far go on and on about how 'cruel' 'manipulative' 'hopeless' and or/ 'aggressive' people with BPD are.

That and just how high the self harm and suicide stats are for people with this diagnosis. *helpful ::) *

I'm not looking for a rose tinted view, just a more balanced one.

Anyone know of any good sites/books/resources?



A close friend of mine has BPD she has never been cruel or agressive towards anyone in anyway with the illness.  When she is on a high she  spends money like crazy and is passionate about everything and wants to decorate all the time.  When she hits a low she goes down badly doesn't go out doesn't let anyone in doesn't eat sleeps all the time .  She is down more than she is up very rarely in the middle x

Thankyou nighty :hug2:

I'm not saying those things are true hun, I have bpd too and don't see myself as any of those things (i hope no-one else sees me like that either :hide: ).

I just want a more balanced resource that will *hopefully* help me understand bpd a bit better, without unecessarily adding to my feeling of hopelessness.

Re-inventing your life by Jeffrey Young, I found to be a really helpful resource into the various thinking patterns and consequences of BPD.


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