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I feel good today

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Today was the second day of a training course I've been on for my voluntary work, at the start of the day we were all moved to sit with different people to those from our own organisations.  During the discussions L who I had been working with said that I came across as being confident and D said I was a success story of how having an individual budget can change lifes and she was really proud of me.

It was whilst doing an exercise that I decided to enter Race for Life 2012 and have arranged for a friend to train me and run with me, she is a qualified fitness instructor.

I've also checked prices for using the treadmill at the Wellbeing Centre.

I'd already planned to start swimming again next week.

wow!! you've achieved so much.. xx

+1 ur doing brilliant, could you maybe write some positive statements to help remind you how well your doing :hug1: xx

Could use some motivational vibes to go swimming at 7am tomorrow!!

 :cake: ?!! Great that you're feeling good.


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