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Research on the relationship between Internet forums and self-harm


Hello all
I am looking to recruit participant as part of my university research dissertation, if you currently or previously have used websites/forums in relation to self-harm behaviours, it would be greatly appreciated if you could complete my questionnaire.
Full details are available by following the link, also if you require any more information please get in contact.
Any participation would be greatly appreciated
Thank You in advance


Contact details: Siobhan Connolly
[email protected]


It might be worth considering that the questionnaire is written and reads as if the stand point is that Internet use is bad for self harm...there are limited opportunities to give positive answers. Maybe another time consider a more neutral stand point.  It appears you just want to prove forums etc are bad and isolate people etc. Maybe you'd learn more if your questions were more open or less bias.

It's also difficult to estimate how many times that I've harmed myself over the years. I just used a scale of 0-500 with 500 being the methods I've used most often. This will not accurately reflect the actual number of times though.
I agree that the survey does seem a little biased, I can't add any thing that the above poster hasn't already said.

Thank you both for taking the time to participate in my research I sincerely appreciate it. I apologise that you felt the questionnaire reads as if it from the stand point that internet use is bad for self harm, that is not my personal stand point nor is it of the research. The research wants to look at both the positive and negative opinions on internet use in relation to self-harm from those who use the forums and the internet. The measures that I have used are standardised validated measures which is why the estimate scales are used and why there is limited opportunity for more open questions but I do apologise that you felt these were biased as that is not the intention. I am very grateful to both of you for your comments and will aim to take all points made on board for future research.
Thank you again for your participation

I am still looking for participants if anyone has any time to complete my questionnaire I would be very appreciative
Thank You


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