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Telling an employer about self-harm?

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How are you doing?

I am open about most things with work but keep any acknowledgement of self harm to absolutely need to know people and only if it's really relevant at the time. I only began to do this when an injury meant I couldn't work for a couple of months. I think most large employers are pretty aware of difficulties people may have but less so with smaller companies - exposure I guess. As far as I know, your employer can't really make there be consequences to where or how you work due to a disclosure like that, unless you both think it would help you to not be at home alone so much.

I would be wary though of explaining the relationship between work and self harm because it might come across badly. Broad strokes are usually best - eg explaining it's more likely if you're very stressed etc.

Hi Lorien,

Sorry, I havenít been here in a few weeks. I managed to not SH for a few weeks, but then I have again today (struggling with work again). I donít think thereís much I can do though. I know Iím fortunate to be working right now, and I donít have much choice about working from home right now - I understand why I have to right now. I know the obvious thing would be to look for another job, but thatís much easier said than done - obviously the job market is not great right now and I donít think I can face job-hunting/applications/potential interviews right now because of my MH. So Iíve just got to get on with it.

Only tell them what they need to know but keep it vague.


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