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Books that you have found to help

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Someone mentioned a list about books that have helped people, Please let others know if you have read anything that you have found useful in the road of recovery.

Bloodletting- Victoria leatham

'Victoria leathem takes us to the world of selfharming behaviours, one that can be occupied by princess to poor university students.'*

*Bloodletting victoria Leatham, foreward by professor Gordon Parker, executive director, Black dog institute

The Courage to Heal- Ellen Bass & laura Davis isbn 0-09-188420-9

A guide for women survivors of child sexual Abuse.

Coping with Anxiety And depression- Shirley Trickett  isbn 0-85969-762-2

Shirley Trickett understands the havoc that depression and anxiety can cause in your life, and how powerless they can make you feel.

Self Esteem- Gael Lindenfield isbn 0-7225-4007-8

Simple Steps to Develop Self-worth and Heal Emotional Wounds.

'A Bright Red Scream' by Marilee Strong: A research piece which includes real life accounts/experiences of people who SH.

'Prozac Nation' by Elizabeth Wurtzel: Account of the author's fight with depression.

'The Bell Jar' by Sylvia Plath: Novel focusing on Plath's character Esther Greenwood, story is actually about Plath's own fight with depression but is written as a novel rather than autobiographical.

'Wasted' by Marya Hornbacher: Account of author's struggle with Bulimia/Anorexia and her hospitalisation/recovery from ED.

'Alice in the Looking Glass - A mother & daughter's experience of Anorexia' by Alice & Jo Kingsley: Book is separated into 2 parts told from the perspective of Alice (sufferer) and her mum, makes a change to read both 'sides' of the illness.

'Girl, Interrupted' by Susanna Kaysen: Account of kaysen's hospitalisation for BPD.

'The Trick is to Keep Breathing' by Janice Galloway: Short book on Depression, focusing on the characters depression triggered by grief.

An Unquiet Mind - Kay Redfield Jamison - one woman's struggle with Manic Depression

More, Now, Again - Elizabeth Wurtzel - sequel to Prozac Nation, covers more of Wurtzel's depression and also her drug habbit which developed from this.

An Unquiet Mind - insight into manic depression

Get Me Out Of Here - Rachel Reiland - recovery from BPD

(I personally don't like Courage to Heal)

But I did like "The Little Prisoner" - Jane Elliott (sexual abuse)


cutting it out, it was written by an ex or current member, i cant remember!

Anyway I read it and thought that my counsellor woud find it useful, a year later, my last session I got it back.

The counselling service has their own copy after they all read it.


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