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Welcome to the Here and Now Room.

Please use this on-topic room to discuss ongoing day-to-day difficulties and problems, that need advice and support, but are not of an immediate, crisis-based nature. Please be familiar with the guidelines specific to this forum and also the site rules which apply across all forums.

Who moderates this room?

The Here and Now Forum moderators are:

Gerard and Jess although all NSHN Moderators may be active here as they are not all online at the same time.

A full list of the NSHN Mods can be found here

What sort of topics can I post here? Examples of topics posted can include, but are not limited to the following:

- Problems associated with living with self-harm on a day to day basis - e.g, thoughts and urges around SH, disclosing SH, etc
- Asking questions about general first aid tips and advice
- Current, non crisis posts for which you require support and feedback
- Posts about depression, anxiety, mental health, personality disorders, personal distress, grief, abortion, sexual assault, pregnancy worries, abuse, domestic violence, etc.
- Advice about emergency helplines and services  
- Worries about talking to the Medical/psych/mental health services, making an appointment, etc.
- Expressing difficult feelings and emotions, for example after a session of therapy, a bad day or a particular incident past or recent, stress, worry.

- Please flag posts with appropriate warnings when necessary, e.g.

*Trig SH/SI* - posts/thread contains self-harm/injury thoughts/feelings
*Trig SUI* - posts/thread contains suicidal thoughts/feelings
*Trig OD* - posts/thread contains overdose thoughts/feelings
*Trig ED* - posts/thread contains eating disorder thoughts/feelings
*Trig SA* - posts/thread contains thoughts/feelings related to sexual abuse, including possible references to rape
*Trig graphic* - posts/thread contains thoughts/feelings that are graphic in nature, but do not spill into method sharing
*sexual content/sex refs* - posts/thread contains sexual references, but not necessarily sexual abuse

If you are in any doubt about whether to use a warning at all then it's generally safer to include one (or more depending on the issues). Moderators will add warnings if they feel they are required.

Please don't use excessive warnings or those irrelevant to the content of your thread as it might confuse members or cause members to avoid your thread needlessly.

Please be patient whilst using these forums, not everyone is in a position to reply at all times and the level of 'traffic' or number of postings on site can vary considerably across the different rooms, be they on topic/off topic. Members who are in distress may not be able to offer support to others, additionally, members who are quiet or equally those who are a bit chatty in the distraction rooms, for example, may also not be in a position to offer support.

What is self harm?

Is there anything I can't post here?

- Please do not post suicide notes or suicidal intent, e.g. that you have made a plan for X date/are saying goodbye to people, this causes other forum members to worry.
- Please do not engage in method sharing, do not refer to the type of things you use to self-harm, be it something commonly found in the home or in a DIY shop, etc. This is against the site rules and can cause distress to other members. References such as 'I used my tools' are acceptable.
- Please don't 'chat' here. We have general off topic forums that can be used in such a way though this is not a chat facility. Rainbow room for example, can be used as a light, off topic distraction area.
- This is a support forum, personal insults, attacks, abuse, racism or threats directed at other members will not be tolerated. This also applies to moderators and admin.
- Please do not advocate meeting up with other members or hint that you wish to do this. This is for your safety and against the forum rules.
- Posting in small text is not allowed, use normal size font such as this. Equally, posting in capitals is not allowed as it is considered to be shouting.
- Posting in red font colour is not allowed.
- Please do not post in bold as this is considered shouting
- Excessive swearing is not allowed.
- Posting your weight, or weight amounts and clothes sizes is not allowed.
- Posts promoting or discussing pro-anorexia and/or 'thinspiration' material are not allowed.
- Posting amounts of medication/dosages is not allowed.
- Do not post pictures of scars or any 'damage' from self harm or links to pro self harm sites.
- Putting personal details such as your MSN address, details of where you live or your phone number in posts is not allowed, this is for your safety.
- Using txtspk n ur psts is cnsdrd been rlly stpd cuz u hv qwert kbd n ur pc so xpct 2 b wrnd. Please don't do this. Many people find text language difficult to read both in short bursts or in paragraphs.
- This room is not suitable for off topic posts, threads about being unable to find material for your homework or studies are not suited to this room and they will be moved by the Mod team.
- Please do not post research requests here, these must be approved by admin
- The option to add polls does not apply to the Crisis or Here & Now Rooms.

Moderators or Admin will remove material that is inappropriate, this will be done in accordance with site rules. Moderators can also remove material at their discretion, moderation of posted material is carried out in as fair a way as possible.

- Please do not post debates or in depth discussion posts here, use the Survivor Forum for such on topic discussions.

Forum Rules - these apply across all sections of the boards

If you feel like you are in crisis please post in the Crisis Forum. People will do their best to answer you but please bear in mind not everyone may be comfortable reading and responding to threads that are created in that particular room. If it appears that you require medical attention then your thread will be locked - this is standard site policy and is necessary to ensure the forums remain as safe as possible. We are an excellent support site, but we are not a replacement for 'real' help/support.

If you have problems with how to post in H & N you could always PM a mod to check what is OK to post/clarify your concerns. You can always PM or email one of the Admin team as well. Please bear in mind that mods & admin are not counsellors, they are not professionally trained and cannot provide or offer you professional advice or support either in the short or long term. They are volunteers who look after the running of the forums. They are not always logged on so please be patient whilst a moderator/admin responds to you or deals with your query.

If you have a problem with a particular post you can use the 'report to moderator' function, please make sure to leave a coherent comment in the box provided, this well be then reviewed and if necessary actioned by the mod team. This function is available across all posts on the forums. Please do not misuse this facility, not every reported post will be acted upon since decisions made around reported posts are taken in the context of site rules and guidelines and the mods will exercise their discretion.

These forums are regularly 'pruned' and posts over 30 days old will fall off these forums unless they have recently been replied to. Posts that are more than a week old are also liable to be locked to keep the current ones on or near the front page where they get the most attention. If you have any problems please do not hesitate to talk to a moderators. We also have some 'buddies' around on the site who can help with some general enquiries though they do not moderate the forums.

Some Basic First Aid Advice
Proper medical advice should always be sought from a professional.

If you feel more at ease to post anonymously, you may contact a moderator or member of admin and ask them to post a message on your behalf. Only Admin and mods will know it is you posting but we recognise that sometimes, you want to say something that you otherwise might not be able to if people know who is posting.

Thank you for taking time to read this, safe posting.

The Here and Now Mod Team
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Important notices will be posted here when necessary.

Your Moderators for this room are Gerard and Jess.

The Here and Now section of the discussion forums can often have a high turnover of posts and some threads can slip down the page. We kindly ask that you be patient as not everyone may be in a position to offer you a response. Please do not get disheartened if you receive a low number of responses, members will offer what support they can.

Threads such as 'what are you really thinking' will be pruned once they reach 20 pages.

- This room is not suitable for off topic posts, threads about being unable to find material for your homework or studies are not suited to this room and they will be moved by the Mod team. Members of the Haven can find education links in that room.

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Re: Here and Now Forum Guidelines & Noticeboard **read before posting**
« Reply #3 on: January 06, 2008, 06:58:22 PM »
Anon Posts:

This site offers an ANON post facility for members that wish to post but not be identified for whatever reason.

If you would like to send an anon post then approach a member of admin or a moderator that is online and ask them to post on your behalf. There is a thread in the Crisis room which allows you to get in touch with moderators.

Please note the following:

ANON posts are 'anon' to other members, but all moderators and admin will know which member has asked for the anon post. If you have a genuine reason why you do not want this to happen then you must approach a member of admin. This is done so that all member of the admin/mod team can keep up to date with members welfare, so that we know who to approach if the thread needs editing/removing etc for any reason and where it is located if you need further posts adding to the thread.

Please be aware that if you require further replies adding to your ANON thread then this can not be done unless there is a moderator or member of admin online to do so. Therefore you can expect that your replies may take some time to be posted. You do not need to approach the original moderator that posted for you, any moderator can post follow up posts.
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Re: Here and Now Forum Guidelines & Noticeboard **read before posting**
« Reply #4 on: March 22, 2008, 06:46:18 PM »
Reminder about Forum Rules:

It can be easy to forget the rules that apply to the forums and sometimes people get a little confused as to how things work. With this in mind, we ask that all members, those newly aboard and old timers to be familiarise themselves with the forum rules. This helps to ensure things run smoothly and helps the forum to remain a safe posting environment.

By reading the rules and some of the other posts in the Rules, Regulations and Important Notices Room you might find the site easier to use and understand and save yourself undue stress which can be caused by accidentally breaking the rules.

:icon_arrow: The rules are located here:

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Re: Here and Now Forum Guidelines & Noticeboard **read before posting**
« Reply #5 on: January 12, 2009, 12:10:28 PM »
From time to time when members post they will use shortened versions of various therapies, conditions, feelings etc. Below are a list of the more commonly used abbreviations on the site.

AD's= Anti Depressents
Ana= Anorexic
ASD = Autistic Spectrum Disorder
BD= Bipolar Disorder
B/P= Binge/Purdge
BPD- Borderline Personality Disorder
CAMHS= Child and adolescent mental health service
CAT = Cognitive Analytical Therapy (Talk based psychotherapy that analyses the thoughts behind behaviours)
CBT= Cognitive Behavioral Thearpy
CG = The charity's (NSHN) Co-ordinating group/Committee
CMHT= Community Mental Health Team
CPN= Community Psychiatric Nurse
CPTSD = Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
CRT= Crisis Response Team
CRS - Crisis Resolution Service
DID= Dissasociative Identity Disorder
DSH= Deliberate Self Harm
DOP= Dept of Psychiatry
DPM= Department of Psychological
DBT = Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (means we talk alot!)
ECT= Electro-convulsive therapy
ED= Eating Disorder
EDNOS = Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified
EMDR= Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing
HPD= Histrionic Personality Disorder
HCP= Health Care Professionals
IP= In-Patient (usually in psychiatric hospital/unit)
IRL = In Real Life/away from the internet/offline
Meds= Medication
Mia= Bulimic
MD= Manic Depressive
MOAI = monoamine oxidase inhibitors
MTP = Mother Type Person (Cissy uses it often!)
NHS= National Health Service
NSRI = Norepinephrine Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors
OCD= Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
OD= Overdose
OP Appt = Out patient appointment
Para= Paranoid
PM= private message function on the forums
PND= post natal depression
PTSD = Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
RMN = Registered mental nurse. (Psychiatric nurse that works on a ward)
SA= Sexual abuse
SA= Social Anxiety
SAD = Seasonal Affective Disorder (low mood associated with climatic change... usually in winter)
SH= Self harm
SHO= Senior House Officer
Shrink= Counsellor, psychotherapist, psychiatrist etc
SI= Self injure
SIU= Self Inflicted Injury
SSRI = Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors
SUI/ SU= Suicide
TC= Theraputic Community
Trig= Triggering
UD = unipolar depression (eg depression with just low mood rather than bipolar which has highs and lows)
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