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Useful contacts and information sites.
« on: September 17, 2007, 02:18:38 PM »
Below are links to sites offering information, advice and support for Friends and Family. Please note that we also have a full thread of 'Understanding Yourself' in our main thread:

Understanding Childhood Distress:

Understanding Self Harm:

Understanding Mental Illness:

Samaritans Youth Pack:
"The Youth Pack is a useful resource for teachers or those working with young people. It helps you to introduce young people to a range of issues that affect emotional health and well-being. The workshops enables young people to examine feelings around emotional wellbeing and to explore the impact of emotional ill health and distress."

Worried about Others (if you are concerned someone is suicidal):

Self Harm and Sucide Information:

SIARI Self Harm Information for Friends and Family: (this page has futher links which may be of help)

Mental Health:

Carer support and information:

Local mental health care support groups:

Local mental health care support groups:

Supporting someone with a mental health problem:
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