Author Topic: A letter to your body... may trig  (Read 967 times)

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A letter to your body... may trig
« on: May 24, 2013, 12:03:24 AM »
I read about this elsewhere on the internet and thought it was a really good idea so i'm sharing it here...

I'm pretty sure we're all guilty of abusing our bodies here, not just physically but verbally too. So often we are negative and critical about our bodies, we compain that it doesn't look how we want it to, it doesn't act or feel how we want it to. We shout at it, curse it, blame it and hurt it. But what have our bodies done to us? All it does is sit there day in day out waiting for us to use it. While I sit here typing this, my breathing continues steadily in and out without me forcing it, my heart keeps beating, all the magnificent and wonderful things my body does to keep me alive keep going. My legs are dangling down, just waiting to take me wherever I want to go, my fingers are obediantly flying over the keys. No matter what we do to it, each day it wakes up with us and says "what do you want from me today? i'm here..."

The way I talk about myself and my body is horrible, I would never speak that way about anyone else, and if I heard someone saying to another girl the things I say to myself all the time i'd be shocked upset and would jump to the defence of the innocent girl. So, we should write a letter to our bodies.

To give you a start, i'll share mine! :-)

Dear RG's body,

I am so so sorry for the way I have abused you. You don't deserve the things I have done to you. I've hurt you repeatedly, i've filled you with drugs and alcohol. I've fed you the wrong food, I havn't exercised you, I've neglected you and then shouted at you for no reason. I've treated you appaulingly and yet your still here with me, still working for me and with me .What a true friend you are. I know over the years i've done some bad things to you, and i know that it isn't fair or right for me to treat you this way. I wish that i could turn back time and do things differently, but I can't do that. However your still young, and I can change and treat you differently in the future.
I promise to try my very hardest to stop abusing you the way i used to. I promise to think about you more often and try to take into consideration your needs and not just think about myself all the time. I shall try to feed you the right things to keep you healthy and happy. I will try to listen to what your telling me, and pay attention to you more. If your feeling sore or hurt I promise to take you to the doctors and not ignore you like I always do. I promise to try and give you more exercise because I know you like it really! and I know you need it. I also promise to try and stop abusing you with drugs, this one is hard for me because i'm battling with myself, but I know I need to help you out and stop poisoning you. I'm sorry that I do, I will try to at least keep my abuse to a minimum. I'm going to try and let you sleep at night so you can rest and recover and stop keeping you up untill morning light.  I'm also going to try and stop shouting at you and abusing you verbally. I know i've shouted at you for not being tall enough, but don't worry it's ok, it isn't a big deal. I'm actually pretty happy with you. You have done a good job for a long time without any praise or encouragement from me, and I will try to acknoledge that more.

Thanks for always being there for me my friend.
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Re: A letter to your body... may trig
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2013, 11:58:19 PM »
My Dear Body

I'm so sorry I take you for granted with the way I treat you.  I don't mean to be so unkind and I guess its high time I should start to try to treat you right.  I shan't make promises I can't keep but I will try to think of you more often when I'm feeling self destructive.  I know I've fed you a lot of junk over the years and this cannot stop right away but I will try to include some of the 5 a day so you can feel a bit more pure.

I've hurt you physically so many times - left many scars which can only fade and never completely go away.  Oh the needles they've pushed into you at hospital because of the ODs I took - that mustve really hurt, but not as much as the poisoning itself.  I haven't needed that for some time so I will try to ensure it doesn't happen for a very long time.

You've stuck by me, continued to carry me about so I guess you must love me as you never gave up on me.

Now I must learn to love you in the same way you love me

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