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DBT *brief mention of SH*

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I've read the noticeboard post and I think this is the right place to post this...if not, please feel free to move mods! :)

DBT has changed my life. I have gone from SH'ing several times a day, to not SH'ing in nearly 2mths! It's not easy and it's a constant battle but my advice to anyone would be to give DBT your all, use the coaching line as much as needed, do the homework and really put the effort in. it is hard, really hard in fact and the first time I did it, I ended up coming out of the group after about 6mths because I couldn't do it, I completed the last 6mths on just a 1:1 basis which really isn't the same. I then went back into group for 6mths and they decided I was well enough to do it on my own then. I still get days where I struggle and have to phone the coaching line but overall I am doing ok. I mean the fact that I even phone the coaching line when struggling is a huge deal as before I was VERY anti-phoning.

I am even looking at going back to uni in September, this would have been unimaginable before DBT.

If you have any questions about DBT or about my journey, please feel free to ask them! :)

Stay strong guys and don't give up! xx

 :woohoo: well-done.

Thank you xx

I agree. DBT can be very useful. I've done it 3 times now and taken important skills from it. mostly the mindfulness and distraction skills are the ones that usually help.  just never when I need them to. but, yes very useful indeed. there is also a DBT app for a phone or tablet. its kinda like a diary and can help you keep track of practising the skills.

Well done yrangelion- nice post  :) :hug2:


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