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Phone scam


Bit stressed. If this isnít right room pls feel free to move.

I have had receipts on my mobile for a couple of months saying Iíve subscribed to a first aid course and it was costing £4.50 a week. I just ignored them. Nothing was going out of my bank account. But the most recent receipt suggested it would be added to my mobile phone bill. And indeed it has. Iíve been paying £18 a month extra for this course since December. Iíve texted stop and apparently Iíve unsubscribed. Itís left me nervous though and about £80 out of pocket. Does anyone here have experience of this or similar? It is a scam apparently. Iím not quite sure what to do next.

First port of call is usually with your mobile provider - and as they've debited you for something that you haven't agreed to, they should refund you.


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