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Acts of self kindness

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I struggle with self compassion and am working on improving it. I understand it intellectually and can come up with things to do for myself which are nice, caring, compassionate. I can even maintain that mindset for a certain length of time. I see the benefits. I like relaxation etc but sometimes, probably when worthlessness/ badness feelings are triggered I fight the compassion stuff. In time I hope to overcome this. Iím sure others face the same battle and wonder how they overcome it. And what acts of self kindness do you like doing?

Hey i struggle with this too. My best form of self care is a nap. I can chill and watch netflix etc but then i just feel guilty. All the traditional self care i struggle with a bit.

Sleep is restorative isnít it?  :)

A hot drink, whilst a complete cliche  ::), also helps me sometimes.

I have terrible Insomnia and i was told to have a whole bedtime routine including a bubble bath etc. I live in Australia so all I ended up feeling was either very hot or if I tried to cool the water down it was too cold I couldn't seem to find a middle ground so that was a fail  :doh:

I have a bullet Journal with moods and gratitude etc in but I decorated in pretty colours and stickers etc. It's relaxing but it keeps my hands busy and is practical so it doesn't feel like a waste of time.

Your bullet journal sounds beautiful!


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